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INFO: The Transport Forum is set out in topic areas, this is the index page, with contains links to other sections as well as links to a large number of external documents, copies of relevant legislation and so forth. You may also find that you will need to refer to other specialist Topic Forums such as the Public Inquiry Forum or the Ombudsman, we tend not to over repeat information that is a available in another Topic Area, therefore please always check those areas before seeking advise. However, where the information cannot be found, then please do contact us either by Email, or our helpline 0161 278 3355. In return please support us by providing copies of any campaign briefings that you commission, or compile in order that collectively all may benefit, as well as considering joining and/or making a donation to Planning Sanity, all our work is funded only by your donations.

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Planning Sanity Transport Briefing
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Reference Section
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Court and Public Inquiry Decisions
Books and Publications

Reference and Other Official Information

Department of Transport (DfT)
DfT - Science and Research
National cycling strategy
Highway Code
DfT - Traffic advisory leaflets
DofT - The Traffic Management Bill:
Transport 2000
Government studies opt for massive trunk road building
Noise pollution - Transport 2000
Road Building - Transport 2000
What role for the trunk roads in England
Road to ruins report
Joint Position Statement
Green Party Transport Policy
Park and Ride Site with useful links to research
Centre for Transport Studies - University College London
A Guide to the Assessment of Development Proposals and How Transport Issues are Subject to Legal Regulation from Planning Through to Implementation
PPGs and Transport Planning - Do they come together
Office of National Statistics - Transport Index
Nottingham University Sustainable Transport Bibliography
A52 Clifton Bridge to Bingham Multi-Modal Study website
DfT - Publications
Highways Agency Design Manual for Roads and Bridges
The Idiots' Guide to Highways Maintenance
Ramblers Association
List of Highways Authorities
Environmental Justice - Mapping transport and social exclusion in Bradford
Road transport, air pollution and health
Integrated Transport Consultation Response
US Department of Transport - National Transport Library - Report
US Department of Transport - National Transport Library - Reference Shelf
Directory of Transportation Studies
(US but has many useful links and reports)
Fiinish National Road Library
University of Texas Centre for Transportation

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Local Transport Plans

Government Local Transport Forum
Hampshire Local Transport Plan
Cheshire Local Transport Plan
Worcestershire Local transport Plan
Leicestershire Local Transport Plan
Oxfordshire Local Transport Plan
Gloucestershire Local Transport Plan
Essex Local Transport Plan
Dorset Local Transport Plan
Swindon Local Transport Plan
Southampton Local Transport Plan
Nottinghamshire Local Transport Plan
Derby Local Transport Plan
Rutland Local Transport Plan
Staffordshire Local Transport Plan
Derbyshire Local Transport Plan
West Berkshire Local Transport Plan
Kent Local Transport Plan
Salford Local Transport Plan
Birmingham Local Transport Plan
Isle of Wight Local Transport Plan
Plymouth Local Transport Plan
York Local Transport Plan
Hertfordshire Local Transport Plan
Lincolnshire Local Transport Plan
Cornwall Local Transport Plan
Warwickshire Local Transport Plan
Somerset Local Transport Plan
Wokingham Local Transport Plan
Eastbourne Local Transport Plan
Sefton Local Transport Plan
Bath and North East Somerset Local Transport Plan
North East Lincolnshire Local Transport Plan
North Yorks Local Transport Plan
Torbay Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Local Transport Plan
Government Office East Midlands Local Transport Plan Guidance
Government Office North East Local Transport Plan Guidance
Countryside Agency - Local Transport Plans Good Practice Guide

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Highways (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations SI 1002/1994
Highways (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations SI 369/1999
The Transport and Works (Applications and Objections Procedure) (England and Wales) Rules 2000 - SI 2190
Highways (Road Humps) Regulations SI 1025/1999
Highways (Traffic Calming) Regulations SI 1026/1999
Transport and Works (Applications and Objections Procedure) Rules SI 2902/1992
Transport and Works (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations SI 1541/1995
Transport and Works (Descriptions of Works Interfering with Navigation) Order SI 3230/1992
Transport and Works (Descriptions of Works Interfering with Navigation) (Amendment) Order SI2906/1997
Transport and Works (Guided Transport Modes) (Amendment) Order SI 1951/1997
Transport and Works (Guided Transport Modes) Order SI 3231/1992
Transport and Works (Inquiries Procedure) Rules SI 2817/1992
Zebra, Pelican and Puffin Pedestrian Crossings Regulations and General Directions SI 2400/1997
(This SI has been amended by SI 1998/901
The Control of Development on Trunk Roads Circular 4/1988
New Roads and Street Works Act 1991
Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act 1996
Countryside And Rights Of Way Act 2000
The Highways Noise Payments (Movable Homes) (Wales) Regulations 2001 - Welsh Statutory Instrument 2001 No. 604
The Highways (Road Humps) Regulations 1990 - Statutory Instrument 1990 No. 703
The Highways (Traffic Calming) Regulations 1999 - Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 1026
British Railways Act 1994
The Highways (Inquiries Procedure) Rules 1994
Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 1511 The Highways (Traffic Calming) (Amendment) Regulations 2000
Statutory Instrument 1994 No. 1002 The Highways (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations 1994
Rights of Way Act 1990 (c.-24)
Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 369 The Highways (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations 1999
Statutory Instrument 1993 No. 11 The Public Path Orders Regulations 1993
The Highways Noise Payments and Movable Homes (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2001:
The Highways Noise Payments and Movable Homes (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2000 SI 3086
The Highways Noise Payments and Movable Homes (England) Regulations 2000 SI 2887
The Railways and Other Transport Systems (Approval of Works, Plant and Equipment) Regulations 1994
Road Traffic Reduction Act 1997
Road Traffic Reduction (National Targets) Act 1998
Transport Act 2000
Transport and Works Act 1992
PPG13 (Planning Policy Guidance Note 13)

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Links and Contacks

Enquiry E-mail Addresses
Enquiry E-mail Addresses
Department of Transport (DfT)
Highways Agency
Transport Planning Society
Sch News Transport Links and Contacts

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Campaign Groups - Links and Contacks

FoE Transport Campaign
Airport Watch
Stop Stansted Expansion
Woodland Trust
Transport 2000
Sch News
Road Alert
Road Rage
Road Rage Resources
Green Net
Reclaim the Street
Waltham Forest's Green Future
Ramblers Association Transport Forum
Green Skies
Slower Speeds Initiative

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Court and Public Inquiry Decisions

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Books and Publications

Legislation and Official Publications

Many of the documents in this section can be downloaded for free from the links in the Legislation Sections. Links to these paper versions are only provided for those who might prefer the official printed copies.


Letters will be added to this section in the near future in the mean time if you have any letters that other activists might find beneficial please submit them for inclusion.

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